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All I Could Be: My Story as a Woman Warrior in Iraq,
by Miyoko Hikiji
Chronology Books, ISBN 978-1933909585 [About this Book]

America and the Vatican,
by Robert F. Illing
History Publishing Company, ISBN 978-1933909691 [About this Book]

Breaking Iraq: The Ten Mistakes That Broke Iraq,
by Col. Ted Spain and Terrie Turchie
History Publishing Company, 978-1933909530 [About this Book]

Broken Bodies, Shattered Minds: A Medical Odyssey from Vietnam to Afghanistan,
by Ronald J. Glasser, M.D.
History Publishing Company, 978-1933909479 [About this Book]

Bullets and Bread: The Story of the Sacrifice in American Homes to Feed Troops in World War II,
by Kent Whitaker
History Publishing Company, ISBN 978-1933909752 [About this Book]

Charlie’s Place,
by Michael S. Malone
History Publishing Company, ISBN 978-1933909400 [About this Book]

Christmas 1945,
by Matthew Litt
History Publishing Company, ISBN 978-1933909455 [About this Book]

Custer Survivor,
by John Koster
Chronology Books, ISBN 978-1933909035 [About this Book]

Defying Evil,
by Benjamin Wood
History Publishing Company, ISBN 978-1933909271 [About this Book]

Don’t Shoot, We’re Republicans: The True Story of the FBI Agent Who Did Things His Way,
by Jack Owens
Chronology Books, ISBN 978-1933909677 [About this Book]

From Pigeons to Tweets: A General Who Led Dramatic Changes in Military Communications,
by Clarence E. McKnight, Jr.
History Publishing Company, ISBN 978-1933909233 [About this Book]

The Right Frequency,
by Fred Lucas
History Publishing Company, ISBN 9781933909431 [About this Book]

Historyscope Series,
by Don Bracken
All Books, HISTORYSCOPE [About this Book]

Homeland Insecurity: How Washington Politicians Have Made America Less Safe,
by Terry Turchie and Dr. Kathleen Puckett
History Publishing Company, ISBN 978-1933909332 [About this Book]

How to Survive in an Organization,
by James J. Heaphey, Ph.D.
Today’s Books, ISBN 978-1933909196 [About this Book]

Hunting the American Terrorist: The FBI’s War on Homegrown Terror,
by Terry Turchie and Dr. Kathleen Puckett
History Publishing Company, ISBN 978-1933909349 [About this Book]

Legerdemain: The President’s Secret Plan, The Bomb and What The French Never Knew,
by A Memoir by James J. Heaphey, Ph.D.
History Publishing Company, ISBN 978-1933909363 [About this Book]

A Lovely Little War,
by Angus Lorenzen
History Publishing Company, ISBN 978-1933909134 [About this Book]

Someone Like Me: An Unlikely Story of Challenge and Triumph Over Cerebral Palsy,
by John W. Quinn
Chronology Books, ISBN 978-1933909745 [About this Book]

We Were Pretty Darn Good,
by Steve Grineski
History Publishing Company, ISBN 978-1933909523 [About this Book]

Welcome to Hell: Three and a Half Months of Marine Corps Boot Camp,
by Patrick Turley
Chronology Books, ISBN 978-1-933909-21-9 [About this Book]

Words of War,
by Don Bracken
History Publishing Company, ISBN 978-1933909325 [About this Book]

Wisdom from the Oval Office,
by Pierce Word
History Publishing Company, ISBN 978-1933909448 [About this Book]

Career of Gold: Defeat Age Bias by Re-Careering for the Second Half of Your Life,
by Don Bracken
Today’s Books, ISBN 978-1933909844 [About this Book]

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