Screenplay and Book on Real Reason Behind Nixon Resignation Contracted by History Publishing Company

August 23, 2016 — Print this Page

The History Publishing Media Group, a division of History Publishing Company, has agreed to develop and market Some Call it Treason by Sam Houston Johnson Jr. the nephew of President Lyndon Baines Johnson; he tells the unknown story of how Richard Nixon, amid the pressure he resisted from the U.S. Senate and the media, was forced to resign his presidency from a pressure he never expected from a source he had no reason to expect.

Some Call it Treason brings light to the dark days of post Watergate and tells the fascinating story of how, two men, one a political operative spurred by “the right thing to do” and political know-how; the other a Secret Service Agent with political loyalty brought pressure that forced the resignation of Americaís Chief Executive.

Sam Houston Johnson Jr, son of President Johnsonís brother and political operative, wrote the first draft of the screenplay detailing the true story of the behind- the-scenes resignation of Richard Nixon.The second draft is being worked on now by History Publishing Media Group. The book will be co-authored by Sam Houston Johnson Jr. and Donagh Bracken, author of the award winning The Words of War.

Publication of Some Call it Treason is set for October, 2017.

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