Mike Gallagher praises "The Right Frequency" as a classic

July 5, 2012 — Print this Page

Mike Gallagher Adds Name to Growing List Praising The Right Frequency

The Right Frequency a history of conservative talk radio will be published August 3.. It traces the origin of talk radio from the days of Walter Winchell then follows the conservative trend directed by Bob Grant to the lofty days of Rush Limbaugh. Replete with radio host interviews, author Fed Lucas, a White House Correspondent for CNSNews.com demonstrates a skill at capturing the personas of the hosts and provides numerous details broadening the insight given to the reader in “The Right Frequency.”

Syndicated talk radio host Mike Gallagher has now made his voice heard and projects a lofty resting place for the Lucas book. The Right Frequency is an insightful, thorough, exciting chronicle of the talk radio story,” he said. “This is destined to be a classic as it perfectly captures the nature of talk radio in a way no book I’ve ever read has

Praise for “The Right Frequency,” came earlier from those with advance review copies. Msrk Lavin, Bob Grant and Dick Morris had joined the growing list of admirers.

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