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June 15, 2010 — Print this Page

Congratulations to John Quinn. Option for motion picture and TV rights for his book Someone Like Me sold to motion picture producer Lorna Soroko


Congratulations to Colonel Carm Cicalese of the U.S Army, Information Operations Division Chief of the National Defense University. The Colonel has risen to Director of the Joint Command Control and Information Operations School at the facility.

He is working on the tentatively titled Mindfield, The Information War During the Surge in Iraq. Col. Cicalese oversaw information and PSYOPS operations for the First Cavalry during the Surge. The First Cavalry, often known as The First Team was charged with the operation in Baghdad. Mindfield has a projected 2011 pub date.


The online paper of National University ran an excellent piece on June 15th about John Quinn’s naval career. Much of it detailed in his equally excellent book Someone Like Me.


Terry Turchie, co-author of Hunting the Americn Terrorist, did a 30 minute pre-recording with NPR counterterrorism corespondent Dina Temple-Raston. The broadcast is out of New York City and the date of airing will be posted.


John W. Quinn author of Someone Like Me delivered the commencement address at his alma mater, Garden City High School, in Garden City, Michigan, Friday evening June. 11. Someone Like Me is available at Barnes and Noble Booksellers in malls across America and soon to be going into Books-A-Million.

John is also scheduled to be a featured speaker at the upcoming Cerebral Palsy Conference in San Jose, California on June 25th.


Jack Owens, author of Don’t Shoot! We’re Republicans! did two book signings at the Book Expo and worked the History Publishing Company’s booth for two busy days. At show’s end, Jack departed New York for a needed hometown rest in Birmingham Alabama. After resting for an hour, Jack checked his ballpoint pen and hit bookstores in Tuscaloosa, Birmingham and Huntsville signing stock for indie and chain bookstores.He is making many things happen.

One of them, on Saturday, June 12, is another radio appearance on The Career Clinic, in Fargo,North Dakota, hosted by Maureen Anderson. Jack will be on air from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm, ET.His appearance can be heard by following links at Also, call 888-598-8464.or This will be Jack’s second appearance on the show.

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