The FBI Exposing Corruption

March 9, 2010 — Print this Page

It was ahead of its marketing time. Homeland Insecurity by retired FBI officials Terry Turchie and Dr. Kathleen Puckett, was published in mid-2008, just before the media glass magnified the corruption in Washington.

It may have been overlooked by the media because it was thought to be unbeleivable. Now we know better. There is wholesale corruption in both parties in Washington. Names like Nancy Pelosi, Dennis Hastert and Richard Shelby appear throughout the pages of Homeland Insecurity and a new understanding comes to the reader that explains many erratic, illogical actions often taken in defiance of the public wishes.

Homeland Insecurity is a primer on the addiction to power in Washington that drives many elected officials and the corrosive results it has brought to national security. The authors, former FBI officials draw profiles on 11 Washington politicians who, addicted to power, have compromised national security in order to satisfy their addiction.

Dr. Puckett is a clinical psychologist and a founder of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Program. Mr. Turchie was an Asst. Deputy Director of the FBI.

It is a multi-award winner in the best books categories published by the Independent and University Presses. It garnered the Silver IPPY for Outstanding Book of the Year (IP.)the
Silver Benjamin Franklin Award (IBPA)and was
Finalist for Book of the Year Award (Foreword Magazine)

Homeland Insecurity is a book that explains the behavior of those in Washington yesterday and alarmingly, today.

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