American SPUR Award nomination for John Koster

December 31, 2009 — Print this Page

....Squaring Custer’s Triangle printed in Wild West June 2009 has just been nominated for the Western Writers of American SPUR Award as best Western non-fiction for 2009. Author was John Koster. Credited researchers were Shizuko Obo, InHye Lee and Minjae Kim...

The history of the battle at the Little Big Horn and the career of George Armstrong Custer is very familiar to John Koster. He is the author of Custer Survivor pub date January 2, which is receiving very impressive reviews.

Library Journal “highly recommended” Custer Survivor deeming it essesntial reading for scholars and students of western history.

Midwest Book Review gave Custer Survivor five stars indicating that it is “thought provoking.”

The Bismarck Tribune, the newspaper that first broke the news to the world that Custer’s forces had been annhilated,posted a review on December 24, 2009 announcing that John Koster had debunked the myth that no soldier had survived the battle at the Little Big Horn.

John Koster’s research team and his penetrating analysis continues to bring new insight into the fascinating segment of American history that occurred on June 25, 1876 at the Little Big Horn River.

History Publishing Company extends its congratulations to John Koster for his nomination for the impressive Western Writers of America SPUR Award for his article Squaring Custer’s Triangle that appeared in Wild West Magazine.

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