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Policy Change
The Publishing Industry has changed dramatically and is expected to change even more. Home entertainment was once provided by books. Today much of home entertainment is provided by television and the Internet which brings into the home newly produced motion pictures, concerts, operas and a wide variety of series with major motion picture talent. As these formats expand and technology as well, the flood of entertainment and educational products will be endless. The book will be sought for in-home entertainment with less frequency.
Every action has a reaction and in the publishing business, the publisher who does not react to these changes will no longer be a publisher. HPC’s reaction is to step- in front of the arc of change.
In anticipation of the continuance of change to come it will be more difficult for authors to get published, History Publishing has made policy adjustments which will allow for the creative content of authors to be published and consequently to receive royalties more quickly.

The New Policy
Publishing Requirements
History Publishing Company will agree to publish acceptable titles in accordance with the terms listed below.
• Titles accepted will initially be published electronically.
• When electronic sales reach 1500 units, History Publishing Company will then publish in either soft cover or hardcover format.

Royalty Payments

• Royalty payments for electronic titles will be paid no later than 45 days from date of publication.
• Royalty payments in the soft cover and hardcover formats will be paid six months from date of publication.

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