Tennessee Bar Association: The Remarkable Story of Abraham Lincoln and His Gettysburg Address

March 22, 2015 — Print this Page

Andrew Tillman’s Review of The Greatest Speech Ever

Complete this sentence: The greatest speech ever was —————. The odds are good that most people who took the time to participate at least thought about the Gettysburg Address. So, if we instinctively place the Gettysburg address among the greatest speeches of all time, what is to be gained by reading Judge Jamie Cotton’s book about the speech and its great author? The gain is like the difference between guessing the right answer and knowing why that answer is right.

The book has an unusual format. It is not a novel, but it is not a dry historical account. It has the markings of the work of a good trial judge; Judge Cotton assembled all of the evidence available so that he and the reader would be in position to judge the greatness of the speech and the man. We see the relevant documents. We hear eyewitness accounts. We are transported to the time and the place.

Read the full review on the Tennessee Bar Association website.

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