Three Reviews for Meltzer's "So You Think You Know the Presidents"

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Three reviews came in for So You Think You Know the Presidents

Foreword Magazine the first to deliver said, “Meltzer delivers what he’s promised, as the book features everything from short trivia-style questions and answers to multi-page charts showing the results of major presidential rating polls by historians, or the inflation-adjusted net worth of the presidents, both at their death and at the peak of their wealth (at least one president was comparatively wealthy while in office but nearly destitute at death)”.

Library Journal was quick to follow with:
“The facts in this book are indeed fascinating, as Meltzer (attorney; formerly law, Rutgers Univ. Sch. of Law; The Thinker’s Thesaurus) seeks to offer information about the personal lives and activities of the U.S. presidents, rather than concentrating on their political careers. The author states his intention to provide something different from other volumes on the presidents, which he feels are flawed for several reasons (they are organized by president, the men are discussed in order of their administrations, they are not interactive, they focus on trivia, and the information is not usually original). The introduction is a selection of facts that are sure to capture the imagination of the reader; for example, Meltzer explains that Herbert Hoover was the only president to meet Adolf Hitler. Chapters are arranged in question-and-answer format, and readers will often be as surprised at the question as by the answer.”

And Publishers Weekly followed up with:
“Once again Meltzer (The Thinker’s Thesaurus) remixes the reference book, this time offering a buoyant twist to American presidential history. The book reads like a transcript to a popular quiz show. It’s jam-packed with trivia, both well-known and rare, about all of the Presidents: Who’s the only one from Indiana? Benjamin Harrison. Which is the only one Queen Elizabeth II didn’t meet during her long reign? Lyndon Johnson. Who are the five Presidents who weren’t elected to that office? John Tyler, Millard Fillmore, Andrew Johnson, Chester Arthur, and Gerald Ford. The content is divided into sections about the Presidents’ pets, families, educations, and inaugurations, among 25 or so topics, and while a few sections, such as a chapter on rankings, devolve into a stream of statistics, most are involving, since the author makes it a point to fully explain the answers to every question unlike other quiz books on the topic. A fun addition to the American history buff’s bookshelf. B&w photos.”

So You Think You Know the Presidents is in Barnes and Noble, Books a Million and on Internet sites globally.

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