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Insider and Organizational Expert Shows How to Survive in an Organization

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It was a decimation of more than half one million lifestyles. The cold numbers of the Labor Department’s report that the economy lost 524,000 non-farm jobs in December, did not even hint at the pain behind them.

Throughout the land, hundreds of thousands Americans are deeply concerned that, in the coming months, they too, will be included in the forthcoming statistics put out by the Federal Agency. Some parents and single wage earners too, lie restless in bed at night, feeling the electric-like tingle of fear from what they consider the inevitable. Is there anything the employee can do to insulate him or herself from being out on the street?

“Yes there is,” says organizational expert James Heaphey, “manipulate the system now; don’t wait for a pink slip in your paycheck.” Heaphey who has been brought in by the Federal Government and corporate monoliths GE and IBM, for his organizational expertise knows of what he speaks, and when he says manipulate, that’s the operative word. “Be assertive and opportunistic, he says,” find your power in the organization and exploit it.”

Now how do you find that power? “Power” says Heaphey,” can be garnered in many ways in the organization and often it can be hidden power which is often the key to surviving in the corporate world. Power can be on many levels and it does not necessarily include a title, often it does not. Get some power or hook into it.”

In his new book How to Survive in an Organization, Heaphey writes extensively of both official and, the often hidden, unofficial power, differentiating between them by describing the latter as the capacity to influence others. With acute insight and the expertise of the insider, he describes unofficial power as the critical key to organizational survival and suggests several ways to get it.

James Heaphey, has a PHD in Organizational Theory and Behavior, UC Berkeley, has written several books and papers on organizational behavior, and lectured on organizational structure for the Agency for International Development and major American corporations. In his new book How to Survive in an Organization, he focuses on the modern organization and how to successfully function in it by understanding, the power structure which is often hidden, and how to learn to utilize it to survive and even succeed.

James Heaphey’s new book How to Survive in an Organization 9781933909196, Today’s Books Imprint of History Publishing Company, is available at Barnes and Noble Booksellers, Borders and other bookstores nationally.


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