All Confederate Regiments Gathered For First Time

January 7, 2009 — Print this Page

Palisades,NY 1/07/2009 04:04 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

A new publication, believed to be the first comprehensive, all-inclusive work and the most expansive, of the entire Confederate Army has been made available this day, Jan. 7, 2009. It posts and details every regiment from the 11 Confederate States, the 3 Border States of Kentucky, Maryland and Missouri, the Indian Territory and the Regular Army of the Confederacy are being made available in a single venue The Register of Confederate Regiments, by History Publishing Company, Palisades, NY.

Originally compiled as a three volume text for bookstore distribution, which may be soon available as a hard cover set, The Register of Confederate Regiments is being presented on the Internet site on a state basis for ease of research.

The fascinating story behind the appearance of The Register of Confederate Regiments and the remarkable story of the editor of this expansive work is also on

The site is a new reference library devoted to the Civil War that has been established by History Publishing Company LLC., Palisades, NY, a publishing company devoted to 19th and 20th Century history with a strong interest in the American Civil War.


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