New Book, "Homeland Insecurity," Rapidly Gaining International Exposure

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Exercising the openness of American society and demonstrating the strength of America to the World by allowing readers from all corners to view security flaws in the United States, Homeland Insecurity by former FBI officials Terry D. Turchie and Dr. Kathleen Puckett, is being displayed on foreign shores at the Doha Book Fair in Qatar by the U.S. Commerce Department. In February Homeland Insecurity will visit Taiwan.

Following the Doha Fair, Homeland Insecurity, will be making a trans-Africa and trans-Atlantic trip to Washington D.C in order to be featured in the Washington airports gift stores and bookstores celebration as part of the “Everything Obama,” display for January, Barack Obama’s Inauguration month. Homeland Insecurity was selected as a national security book by Trofie Productions, the national marketing concern, to be representative of the national security issue, one of the President-Elect’s principal concerns.

Following the January Inauguration display in the nation’s capital, Homeland Insecurity will travel to Taiwan to be exhibited by the U.S. Commerce Department in the Taipei Book Fair for five days.

Homeland Insecurity is a book that illustrates how national security has been compromised for forty years by fourteen Washington politicians resulting in the infringement of civil liberties and national security. Mr. Turchie, a counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence expert, builds a case- by -case profile of the fourteen politicians and, with acute precision, connects the dots from past to present. Dr. Puckett, a clinical psychologist, presents a study of the line of thinking of each of the politicians who allowed national security to be compromised.

Terry D. Turchie is a former Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI and was the Unit Director that led the final pursuit and capture of Ted Kaczynski the Unabomber. Dr. Kathleen Puckett was a founder of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Program. They were both recipients of the Attorney General’s Award for Distinguished Service and co-authored the award-winning Hunting the American Terrorist, the account of the pursuit and capture of Ted Kaczynski .

Homeland Insecurity 9781933909332, History Publishing Company LLC,, Sept. 2008, is available in Barnes and Noble Booksellers nationally and other fine bookstores. It will also be available in bookstores internationally.


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