New book enters Tamms the closed Supermax Prison in Illinois, and explores why the most dangerous criminals got worse forcing closure

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PALISADES, NY, USA, October 20, 2017 / — What began as a high-tech facility became known as a hell hole of misery, a place where the sane became insane, the sickest turned crazier than before. News outlets, inmate lawsuits, scholarly exposes, and human rights groups contributed to the demise of Tamms, fifteen years after opening its gates.Any counter arguments were like whispers in the crowded arena where gladiators ruled the day.In the mid 1990s, Governor James Edgar and the Illinois Legislature signed off on the construction of the Tamms supermax prison. Fifteen years after opening its gates, those gates swung shut for the last time. Authors investigative reporter Larry Franklin and psychiatrist Rakesh Chandra M.D. explored and examined the reasons why.

The Tamms supermax was the ultimate result of prison violence during the 1980s and
early 1990s, when prison gangs mirrored the organizational structure and control of a big city
Mafia. Most inmates who entered Illinois’ maximum-security prisons had to make a
choice between joining a gang that offered protection, friendships, financial rewards,
access to drugs and other contraband, or surviving as a lone inmate in a dangerous, even
lethal world. “Supermax Prison” is a penetrating look at that violence and the punishment rendered under the guise of rehabilitation.

“The authors of “Supermax Prison” bring insight into the dark world of the prison inmate and the failure by government officils to understand the limits of human endurance,” said Publisher Donagh bracken.” This is an important book and History Publishing Company Global is honored to bring it into the realm of public discussion.”

History Publishing Company Global published “Supermax Prison electronically on September 29, 2017. It is available on Amazon in the U.S. and Canada and on B&, KOBO, Apple and various other outlets globally. It was a featured title in History Publishing Company’s Global Outreach Program that reaches out to all English speaking countries and Mexico, Argentina and Austria, all with sizable English speaking populations. It will be available in print early December, 2017 and will be available on Amazon, B&, and wholesalers Baker and Taylor, and Ingram, will make it available to bookstores and libraries nationally.

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