History Publishing Company Challenges Self Publishing Industry

February 28, 2017 — Print this Page

PALISADES, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 28, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — History Publishing Company LLC, a traditional publisher located in the New York City Metropolitan Area is reaching out to seasoned and first time authors having difficulty finding a viable publisher with an invitation to skirt the self-publishing “embarrassment” and move directly to a traditional publishing house.

History Publishing Company will publish a book electronically and distribute it to eleven portals in the United States, Canada, England, Australia, Republic of Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico in its Global Outreach Program. When the book garners fifteen hundred unit sales it will then be published in either soft cover or hardcover depending on the market. Distribution then will be through traditional bookstore channels as well as the continuation of the Global Outreach Program. There is no cost to the author. History Publishing Company, a traditional publisher with many award winning books in the title back list publishes its distinctive logo on each title page and issues monthly statements and corresponding royalties.”

“This is an opportunity for new and seasoned authors to find a publisher in the shrinking paper market without going through the embarrassment of self-publishing and finding it necessary to pay out one thousand or more dollars,’ says Publisher Don Bracken. History Publishing is a traditional publisher with many award winning books in the title back list. Its distinctive logo on each title page is considered by its authors to be a matter of pride.

A traditional publisher for the past decade, History Publishing Company has stepped into the future and positioned itself at the foot of the curve of technology. Seeing the world as a natural market place for American books it is also developing a translation feature that will enable its books to be published in several languages at no cost to the author.
History Publishing Company has been in operation for ten years featuring three imprints: History Publishing Company, Chronology Books, and Today’s Books. Recently added are HPC for historical fiction and Today’s Titles for political/intrigue fast moving books in a contemporary setting.

In order to participate in the Global Outreach Program the manuscript submitted must be responsibly authored and properly edited.Approval will be made by History Publishing Company’s editors. When meeting those requirements, it will be placed in the distribution process and placed in the Global Outreach Program. After thirty days it will be dispatched electronically to the eleven portals.Royalty statements will then be issued on a mid-monthly basis.

Simon Barrett
History Publishing Company LLC

Printed from the History Publishing Company website, visit http://historypublishingco.com .

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