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March 21, 2017 — Print this Page

PALISADES, NY, UNITED STATES, March 21, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — Robert Cawley, three times a Golden Globe nominee, television producer or director of shows garnering twenty Emmy nominations, and author of the true crime classic “Components of Murder” agreed to write twelve crime classics for History Publishing Company’s widely expanding Global program.The series revolves around the investigative life of the legendary Gene McLain considered by many,America’s greatest homicide reporter.

Mr.Cawley has secured the rights to the complete files of the legendary investigative journalist It is around Gene McClain’s cases that Robert Cawley will develop his series “True Crime Classics.” to be written in the creative non-fiction style which will enable him to capture, in the first person, the man called “Bulldog.” He was a raspy-voiced newshound of the old”Front Page” school who was colorful and irrepressible and cut to the quick like a chainsaw whether stalking a killer or confronting a politician. From the old school, Mcclain who was married to a cop was as much a cop as she was; he always carried a .38 and was involved in some of the most sensational cases of the time.

Robert Cawley’s writing pace is in the tradition of Ed McBain and Michael Connolly. His directorial and production experience in motion pictures and television focusing on scenes,fostered vivid scene development in his writing. He uses that combination of pace, skill and vivid style, particularly in violent confrontations. They are graphic and long remembered by the reader.” There are few writers on this planet who can equal the vivid force of Robert Cawley’s writing skill. “ said Publisher Donagh Bracken, “When he writes a scene of violence, it is a reading experience long remembered by the reader.” Robert Cawley’s first book, not yet titled, is completed and is being prepared for publication June 1, 2017.

Robert Cawley’s True Crime Classics will be presented to the world through History Publishing Company’s Global Program. Through the unlimited drive of electronic publishing it will be published in a cyber- first program that distributes the initial titles electronically to all English speaking countries as well as Brazil, Argentina and Mexico, each of the latter with a significant English speaking population. The English speaking countries are the United States, Canada, England, Scotland, Wales, Australia, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

“In addition to a broad sales and marketing sweep, Global Outreach will be an early examination of the market attraction each title has generated. When the title goes to the secondary print market, we will have a clearer understanding of the title’s realistic potential and the marketplace to which it will have the strongest appeal. When we implement language translations for each title in each nation in the very near future, our specificity will be even more exact.”

Donagh Bracken
History Publishing Company LLC

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