US Veterans, Governor, Congressman, Movie Star, Authors, Embrace New Christmas Book

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Palisades, NY- Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Christmas 1945, The Story of the Greatest Celebration in American History has drawn enthusiastic praise from those who experienced Christmas in 1945 and from those who wish they had. Joining World War II veterans, retired Mississippi Governor William Winter and retired congressman Mike McCormack in their enthusiasm for the forthcoming book, is financial author John Downes who remembers well, the great celebration and recalls the excitement. “It is one of my earliest memories. The wonderful excitement and getting the bicycle I always wanted, made a vivid impression on my mind. Christmas 1945 captured the magic of that moment for me.”

Motion picture actress and Academy Award nominee Ann Blyth joins in as well, and recalls it too, reflecting on the magic of Christmas in her childhood. She said of Matt Litt’s forthcoming book. “Christmas 1945 reminds me of the Christmas magic that was always in my childhood.”

But it was the Christmas of 1945 that provided the first Christmas magic for author Angus Lorenzen whose previous childhood years were spent in a World War II internment camp in the Philippine Islands. “Matthew Litt captures so well, the exuberance, joy and sharing of that special season,” he said. “It can never again be repeated, but can be remembered as a highlight of our lives.”

Christmas 1945 was the highlight for many lives. Christmas 1945 captures the excitement, joy, exuberance and gratitude of the four day weekend when Christmas lights were turned on for the first time in four years in many locations. People reached out to each other in demonstrations of love, filled church pews with gratitude, and found greater pleasure in giving and doing for others than opening a present under a tree. It was a Christmas when newspapers across the land, connected by the wire services, brought Americans together with stories of holiday happenings, warming reader’s hearts and sometimes alerting them to the misfortunes of others which always resulted in generous relief. It was a nation brought together for a long weekend that many of that generation fondly remember to this day.

Author Matthew Litt is a practicing attorney and a member of the Historical Society of the Supreme Court. His hardcover book Christmas 1945 , 9781933909455, History Publishing Company LLC, will be in bookstores nationally November 1st, 2010.

Review copies for the media will be available shortly.


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