New Book and Forensic Evidence Corrects Custer Record

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”Highly recommended” by Library Journal

Palisades,NY 11/16/2009 04:24 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

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Palisades, NY -Nov. 16, 2009

A forthcoming book, Custer Survivor, presents forensic evidence showing that, contrary to long standing belief that all the troops with Lt. Col. George A.. Custer were killed at the battle of the Little Big Horn. One trooper did survive. The Library Journal in its November review of the soon to be released book by journalist John Koster, cited Koster’s book as “essential reading for scholars and students of the West.” and gave it a starred “Highly recommended,” rating.

Custer Survivor brings new insight into the battle at the Little Big Horn It is recorded in official government records that all members of the five companies accompanying Lt. Col. Custer in the attack on the Sioux and Cheyenne village were killed. Subsequent demagoguery, romanticism, fiction and film raised the “to the last man” image to mythological levels. Custer Survivor establishes that there was a survivor. One man, Frank Finkel, the Second Sergeant of C Company did survive through inadvertent action. Author John Koster, known for his adherence to detail and relentless research scoured Ohio public and private archives to support his case and added forensic evidence to bring it to an irrefutable conclusion. Custer Survivor brings to life the sergeants early life in Ohio, his escape at the battle, harrowing aftermath and his successful life in the following years.

The introduction is by Louise Barnett, author of Touched by Fire and a Fellow at the Historical Analysis Center at Rutgers University.

Custer Survivor 9781933909035, published by Chronology Books imprint of History Publishing Company, Palisades, NY pub date Jan. 2, 2010 will be in bookstores nationally.


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