Organizational Expert Receives Ben Franklin Award for Careers

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A Life Raft to Those Floundering in Today’s Witewater Economy

June 1, 2009 6/01/2009 09:21 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

James Heaphey, distinguished corporate and government organizer,received the Benjamin Franklin Award-Silver- for How to Survive in an Organization.

Heaphey brings a dose of reality to his book and advises employees on the techniques for surviving in the corporate world. Examined and held up to a penetrating light is the real nature of organizational power, sources of unofficial power, strategies for dealing with management and basics for dealing with perceptions on which management must rely in order to perform. How to Survive in an Organization is a primer for the entry level employee and the mid-management individual who wishes to insulate his or her self from the cold, organizational uncertainties in today’s whitewater economy.

After reading Heaphey’s book retired U.S. Naval Captain Phil Trimble said “After reading How to Survive in an Organization, you will wonder not only how you survived but how much better you might have gone if it had been taught in Management 101.”

Heaphey who earned his PhD in Organizational Theory and Behavior as well as International Relations at the University of California, Berkeley has taught, lectured, consulted and written on organizational behavior since 1961. Among others he has consulted for the Agency for International Development
the U.S Department of State General Electric and IBM

The Benjamin Franklin Award given annually by the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) to outstanding books in a variety of genres. How to Survive in an Organization was given for the Careers category.

How to Survive in an Organization 9781933909196 Today’s Books/History Publishing Company LLC Palisades, NY is available in better bookstores everywhere.

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