Books on Political Corruption and National Security Attract Attention

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Homeland Insecurity and Legerdemain Cited

Palisades, NY 3/19/2009 12:50 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

History Publishing Company, a small publishing firm in Palisades, New York, has attracted a growing list of uniquely qualified individuals to its growing roll of authors.

The results show up in the Spring, when the nominees for the annual awards for best books occur. This year, picking up from the previous year when three distinctions were placed on two of its books, Hunting the American Terrorist and The Words of War, the small publishing firm is doing quite well in the opening days of the nomination conferring process.

And how does the young firm manage to receive so many award nominations early in its young life? “Our publishing standard is that every title has to be a contender for an award,” says Publisher Don Bracken “In order to survive against the big publishers, it is a necessity. And because of those standards, we attract good writers and nominations seem to follow.”

And the nominees are: Foreword Magazine the trade publication for University and Independent publishers has nominated Homeland Insecurity: How Washington Politicians Have Made America Less Safe by Terry D. Turchie and Dr. Kathleen Puckett for the Political Science category. The authors, retired, highly placed officials of the FBI, put eleven Washington elected officials under the glass and illustrate how the addiction to power has corrupted them into actions compromising national security. It is a timely examination of the root cause of the problems in Washington today.

Legerdemain: The President’s Secret Plan, the Bomb and What the French Never Knew by James Heaphey has garnered two nominations early in the season. It has been nominated by Foreword Magazine for the Autobiography/Memoir category. Legerdemain has also been nominated by the Harry Truman Library for the Harry S. Truman Award which is given for the Best Book about national security issues during the Truman Administration. It is being considered for the bi-annual award for 2008-2009.

Legerdemain 9781933909356 was published in January 20, 2008. Hunting the American Terrorist 9781933909332was published September 25, 2008.
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