Book on Recently De-Classified Files Receives Presidential Library Invitation

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Palisades, NY 2/16/2009 11:28 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

James Heaphey’s Legerdemain is being considered for the prestigious Harry S. Truman Book Award. This bi-annual award, sponsored by the Harry S. Truman Library Institute for National and International Affairs, recognizes the best book within a two year period to address issues of vital security and importance to the United States during the Truman Administration and the public career of President Truman.

James Heaphey writes with first hand knowledge as a member of a covert operation. Legerdemain, subtitled The President’s Secret Plan, the Bomb, and What the French Never Knew is based largely on recently declassified files. The U.S. needed to protect America with strategically based air bases in order to retaliate in case of nuclear attack by the Soviet Union. Legerdemain thrillingly details covert operations the United States conducted to prevent Morocco, still in the grip of the teetering French colonial system, from falling into Communist hands. The secret team, organized by the United States, of which James Heaphey was a member,assisted the Moroccan national movement to break from France.

The Harry S. Truman Book Award was established in 1963. Previous recipients include McGeorge Bundy, John Lewis Gaddis, Walter Isaacson and Evan Thomas. The winner for the two year period 2008-2009 will receive a cash prize of $1,000 at a presentation in Independence, Missouri in April,2010.

James Heaphey, PhD, Political Science, U.C. Berkeley, Professor Emeritus, Graduate School of Public Affairs NYS University at Albany was a member of the United States Air Force Security Service, directed political development programs in Egypt, Brazil, Cyprus, South Korea and other countries and lectured on the politics of developing nations to U.S. military officers stationed in Europe and the Far East.

Legerdemain was published by History Publishing Company, Palisades,NY, a publishing house specializing in first person experience in the making of history.

Legerdemain 9781933909356 and 96781933909363, History Publishing Company LLC. January 2008, is in Barnes and Noble and other fine bookstores nationally.

Contact: Don Bracken, (845)398-8161

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