Survival Black Book a Guide to Safety Before Lay-off Ax Swings

January 29, 2009 — Print this Page

Like a jungle survival guide, new book shows how to be safe in treacherous environment

Palisades, NY 1/27/2009 10:43 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Sometimes called the “Insider’s Guide to Survival,” others who use it, refer to its cover and call it the “Black Book.” Perhaps the timeliest book of the last two years, How to Survive in an Organization, will be used by many to avoid the dreaded chop of the corporate ax man. Those who use it to good effect will experience the warmth of the corporate office when others are wincing at the cold air of unemployment.

The black book,” How to Survive in an Organization, is not the typical business school book of charts, theory and “management,” Written for the realist, it is a book that deals with power in the corporation, how to get it and how to hook into it. It is for the individual who would rather be the issuer of the unpleasant news of lay-off rather than the recipient.

Purely about survival in the corporate world, How to Survive in an Organization was written by James Heaphey an architect of business structure who has a complete understanding of how power works in the organization. He is an author, corporate consultant, government consultant and educator who received his PhD in Organization Behavior at UC Berkeley. He also served in the United States Air Force’s intelligence service.

“A masterful writer and an architect of organizational structure, Jim Heaphey offers a mother lode of inside information, says Publisher Don Bracken. “His book is opening wide, many eyes, and yes, the widening eyes are a common reaction to the book’s first time reader, along with the nodding head and dropping jaw. This is definitely not your usual business book. It is a survival guide.”

Responding to the massive lay-offs across the nation, and the even greater numbers forecast, 100 airport bookshops across the nation will start a display of How to Survive in an Organization on February 1st.

How to Survive in an Organization 9781933909196, Today’s Books imprint of History Publishing Company, is available at fine bookstores nationally.


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