Marine Corps Times Salutes New Book, "Homeland Insecurity"

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”Grapevine,” Mag for former FBI Agents Weighs In

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“In this book, the FBI is the good guy, the White House, and Congress are the bad guys and John Q. Public is the loser. The facts in Homeland Insecurity make you feel insecure,” wrote J. Ford Huffman in his review for the Marine Corps Times... “ Nixon started it.”

Homeland Insecurity by Terry D. Turchie and Dr. Kathleen Puckett , former FBI officials, is a study of how eleven Washington politicians, starting with Richard Nixon, have compromised national security in order to protect or increase their power platforms.

The authors, using FBI skills and years of experience, connect the dots from Watergate to the present, focusing on high- profile offenders such as Senators Frank Church and Patrick Leahey and the relatively obscure former Assistant Attorney General Jamie Gorelick. Each profile is supported with documentation.

And “ is hard to argue with the FBI veterans,” said Mr. Huffman

The Grapevine, the magazine for 7000 retired FBI agents, also put Homeland Insecurity under the looking glass citing “In detailing the disastrous effects of ‘politics as usual, on the safety of the United States, they indict politicians from every level of government, by name, from Watergate to the current War on Terror...”

And those politicians are from both parties, addiction to power, not partisanship, the driving force for their actions. Dr. Puckett, a clinical psychologist, offers an in -depth look at the addiction to power as a disease and the effects of that addiction. Mr. Turchie provides a case-like study of each offender’s actions.

Terry D. Turchie is retired from the FBI. He was an assistant Deputy Director of the FBI and the Unit Director who led the final pursuit of the infamous Ted Kaczynski the Unabomber. Dr. Kathleen Puckett, a founder of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Program, was also a Special Agent for 23 years and assisted on the Kaczynski case. They co-authored the award-winning Hunting the American Terrorist, the account of the Unabomber pursuit and capture.

Homeland Insecurity, 9781933909332, History Publishing Company, Sept. 25,2008, is available at Barnes and Noble Booksellers nationally and other fine bookstores.

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