Policy Change

The Publishing Industry has changed dramatically and is expected to change even more. Home entertainment was once provided by books. Today much of home entertainment is provided by television and the Internet which brings into the home newly produced motion pictures, concerts, operas and a wide variety of series with major motion picture talent. As these formats expand and technology as well, the flood of entertainment and educational products will be endless. The book will be sought for in-home entertainment with less frequency.

Every action has a reaction and in the publishing business, the publisher who does not react to these changes will no longer be a publisher. HPC’s reaction is to step- in front of the arc of change.

In anticipation of the continuance of change to come it will be more difficult for authors to get published, History Publishing has made policy adjustments which will allow for the creative content of authors to be published and consequently to receive royalties more quickly.

The New Policy

Publishing Requirements

    History Publishing Company will agree to publish acceptable titles in accordance with the terms listed below.
  • Titles accepted will initially be published electronically.
  • When electronic sales reach 1500 units, History Publishing Company will then publish in either soft cover or hardcover format.

Royalty Payments

  • Royalty payments of 50% for electronic titles will be paid no later than 45 days from date of publication.
  • Royalty payments per contract for the soft cover and hardcover formats will be paid according to terms agreed upon in contract.

Submission Guidelines For The Three Imprints

    The Work
  • A cover letter containing a manuscript description, manuscript outline and table of contents
  • The full manuscript, if completed
  • If a proposal, three chapters
  • Table of Contents
  • All work must be paginated
  • Word count
    The Market
  • Three competing works and the new information your manuscript contains that will move someone to buy the book
  • The target market. What specific group(s) of reader do you have in mind?
  • How best to approach the target market
  • Your marketing approach to reach the reader
  • Credentials relative to the book
  • How best to contact you: telephone and email

Please submit completed manuscripts to:
History Publishing Company, LLC
P.O. Box 700
Palisades, NY 10964
Attention: Don Bracken

Response time is about two months.

About the Imprints

History Publishing

History Publishing is looking for interesting stories that make up history. If you have a story about an aspect of history that would have an appeal to a large niche or a broad readership, History Publishing is interested.More

Today’s Books

This imprint is looking for works dealing with the contemporary world, the issues facing it and the means of resolving those issues either on a personal basis or even a collective one.More

Chronology Books

This imprint is dedicated to people whose interesting lives have allowed them to share in the making of history. Our focus is on autobiographical or biographical memoirs of indivividuals who…More

For Agents with Completed Work

Please submit completed manuscripts to:
History Publishing Company, LLC
P.O. Box 700
Palisades, NY 10964
Attention: Don Bracken

Response time is about two months.

For Authors without representation

If you have written a book that meets the needs of either imprint send the table of contents and two or three chapters of your manuscript to our mailing address above. Be advised that the manuscript chapters and table of contents will not be returned. If you have not yet written the book, contact us by e-mail and if we like it, we will work with you in developing your project.

Authors, so engaged, are not required to pay a fee of any kind and are expected to engage in the active promotion of the book upon its development.

History Publishing Company, LLC
P.O. Box 700
Palisades, NY 10964


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