The Civil War

Unravel the American Civil War with Historyscope, The Words of War and The Rebel Yell


You will now be able to understand the American Civil War as very few people do. The computer has made it possible.

There has been no more complex subject in American history than the American Civil War. Its flame scorched the fabric of the nation. It consisted of 10,500 conflicts between Union and Confederate forces in which 620,000 lives were lost. Of those, historians point to 384 major battles as having shaped the outcome of the war.

Those battles were fought over thirty three states, many with divided loyalties. It is small wonder that understanding this complex war takes some doing.

How do you get to understand it?

Reading helps but that takes an endless amount of time. But now because of the design and plotting power of computer technology, you can actually see it.

The Civil War Historyscope does just that. Because of visualization you can now understand the Civil War quickly and develop an authoritative knowledge very few people have.

Take a closer look:

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I was particularly impressed with your division into geographical sectors of the war, as well as by campaign...a very important addition to the study and preservation of the great American Civil War.

O. James Lighthizer, President, Civil War Preservation Trust, Washington, D.C.

Union Commanding generals and President Jefferson Davis would have loved to have had such a view of the relationship of campaigns and battle in the multiple theaters of war.

Dr. James Johnson, Visiting Professor of History, Marist College, Poughkeepsie, NY

Very striking, very impressive. The listing of battles is extraordinary.

Dr. James Shenton, Professor of History Emeritus, Columbia University, New York, NY

...a wonderful depiction of the scope of the war in a glance.

Lt. Col Jerry Betts, USA (ret). Garland, Texas. West Point instructor.

For new students the Historyscope offers a graphic introduction to the intensity and scope of the war. For advanced students it offers a brand new perspective.

Laura Lee Keating, President, Westchester Civil War Round Table, Briarcliff, NY.

Perspective, the dictionary says, is the understanding of the relative importance of things. That is what you will get from the Civil War Historyscope.

Designed to see things the way Generals Grant or Lee would have elected, the Civil War Historyscope, with a short visual study, will show you the war itself. Codes indicate all the important information relative to each battle, theater and the overall conflict.

The Civil War Historyscope unravels the complexity of the war so you can see it in its entirety. With a few minutes study you will understand the vastness and intensity of the war. With a few minutes a day you can acquire an authoritative knowledge of the war very few people have.

With a few minutes a day you can acquire an understanding of the Civil War that is virtually impossible to grasp from written text alone.

Designed as a full color graphic, the Civil War Historyscope is a 2 foot by 3 foot, full color graphic much the same size as a war map used in the Civil War. The five theaters of war—yes, there were five—are shown in a parallel lay-out of time and space made possible by the power of the computer.

With a few minutes time you can understand the complexity and intensity of the war.

And in those minutes you will see and understand the vastness of the war.

In those same few minutes you will also see the victor in every one of those battles and in those same minutes you can see the importance each battle had to the theater in which it was fought.

And there is more. In those same few minutes you can see the importance certain battles had to the outcome of the war itself.

Small wonder that it had such praise from so many people interested in the American Civil War.

You will know why when you see and use it to gain that authoritative knowledge about the War that only the Historyscope can give you.

You will find it quick and easy to absorb. It is 19th Century information designed for the 21st Century mind!

Purchase the entire Historyscope series, for $24.95 — Satisfaction Guaranteed! Visit our Purchases Page to order.

The Words of War

The Words of War, by Civil War historian Donagh Bracken, contrasts the newspaper reportage of the arch-opponents, The New York Times and The Charleston Mercury as they brought their views of the major Civil War battles to their reading public. Placed in juxtaposition are the findings of the modern historians thus bringing to the reader a threefold perspective of the war. The author, Donagh Bracken was co-editor of the Civil War Historyscope Series, a collection of computer-generated plotting of the 384 major battles of the Civil War. Acclaimed by O. James Lighthizer, President of the Civil War Preservation Trust, as “a very important addition to the study and preservation of the great American Civil War,” it has been widely hailed by educators and military experts as an extraordinary contribution. Bracken has also written extensively on the Civil War as well as a wide variety of subjects ranging from cultural practices of ancient Rome to contemporary education. He has been widely published in major newspapers and trade magazines. More

The Rebel Yell

The readers of American Civil War History often relive great moments that stir the imagination. One of the chilling wartime sounds that was thought lost was the Confederate Army’s Rebel Yell. It has been digitally recreated from a 1935 recording by surviving Confederate Army veteran Thomas Alexander.

Listen to the Rebel Yell

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