Patrick Turley

Patrick Turley with daughter Taylor

Patrick Turley served for five years with the U.S. Marine Corps. He served in Iraq, rose to the rank of sergeant and separated from service in 2006.

He resides in Jacksonville, Florida with his daughter Taylor and having turned his attention to fiction is currently working on a novel.

Turley talks with Brian Kilmeade, on the radio show Kilmeade and Friends.

Turley is interviewed on WAWS, Fox 30 Jacksonville, Florida.

By This Author

Book CoverWelcome to Hell: Three and a Half Months of Marine Corps Boot Camp
Patrick Turley captures it perfectly and former Marine John Patrick Shanley said it only the way a Pulitzer Prize winning author could: “It’s great to have gone to Marine Corps boot camp. It’s terrible to be in Marine Corps boot camp. It’s fun to read about Marine Corps boot camp.”


Welcome to Hell coming August 10

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Former Marine Commandant Salutes Forthcoming Book

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