America and the Vatican
Robert F. Illing

Robert F. Illing set up and ran the day-to-day operations of the first permanent U.S. diplomatic office at the Vatican, following World War II. He brings to the reader a rare view of the operations of the Vatican in the diplomatic world and includes some fascinating sidelights he uncovered in the Vatican archives such as the role Benjamin Franklin played in the selection of the first Catholic Bishop in the United States and what the Pope actually intended to do with Henry the VIII.

Robert Illing brings the reader into the fascinating and colorful political world of the Vatican, a unique entity with the dual nature of political state which functions apart from its other position as center of the Roman Catholic Church. A separate politcal state with diplomatic offices in most countries in the world, the Vatican has a unique position as a listening post unlike any other country in the world. Robert Illing brings the reader into that fascinating world.


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