Ronald J. Glasser, M.D.

Ronald J. Glasser, M.D.

An American doctor and author, most famous for his bestselling book 365 Days, the preeminent Vietnam War book reviewed in the Washington Monthly and the New York Times. 365 Days has been translated into nine languages and is widely read.

Glasser is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University and Medical School and is a resident of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Listen to Dr. Glasser on his NPR Interview, June 12, 2011.

Watch Dr. Glasser on his Saving Tape interview on Vimeo.

By This Author

Book CoverBroken Bodies, Shattered Minds: A Medical Odyssey from Vietnam to Afghanistan
Glasser traces the changing nature of warfare from jungles of Vietnam to streets and mountains of Iraq and Afghanistan and the physical and psychological damage of wounds to troops in U.S. Army and Marine Corps.


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