Words of War
Don Bracken

Award Winner
Finalist for ForeWord Magazine’s 2007 Book of the Year Award for History

The Words of War, by Civil War historian Donagh Bracken, contrasts the newspaper reportage of the arch-opponents, The New York Times and The Charleston Mercury as they brought their views of the major Civil War battles to their reading public. Placed in juxtaposition are the findings of the modern historians thus bringing to the reader a threefold perspective of the war. The author, Donagh Bracken was co-editor of the Civil War Historyscope Series, a collection of computer-generated plotting of the 384 major battles of the Civil War. Acclaimed by O. James Lighthizer, President of the Civil War Preservation Trust, as “a very important addition to the study and preservation of the great American Civil War,” it has been widely hailed by educators and military experts as an extraordinary contribution. Bracken has also written extensively on the Civil War as well as a wide variety of subjects ranging from cultural practices of ancient Rome to contemporary education. He has been widely published in major newspapers and trade magazines.

The Words of War is a winner. Amazingly no one else has previously published anything quite like it. Juxtaposing uncensored and unedited articles from The Charleston Mercury and The New York Times covering eighteen major engagements from Fort Sumter to Appomattox, this volume conveys the immediacy and excitement of eyewitness reporting. The accounts appear here just as they did in the two papers. Every Civil War enthusiast will want to own this fascinating book.
—Professor William J. Cooper, Jr.
Louisiana State University
Author, Liberty and Slavery: Southern Politics to 1860

Newspapers are among the most revealing of all Civil War source material. This path breaking compilation, extremely well done, should open a new vista for anyone interested in the true temper of the times.
—Prof. James I. Robertson, Jr.
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Author, Robert E. Lee: Virginia, Soldier, American Citizen

Author Donagh Bracken is a writer of long standing, having written extensively for major newspapers and magazines for thirty years on subjects ranging from world history through economics. His contribution to the American Civil War was the landmark project entitled The American Civil War Historyscope Series, a computer-generated visualization of the findings of the Civil War Sites Preservation Commission. The Historyscope Series was designed for classroom study.

He is a graduate of Manhattan College and lives in Palisades, New York.

Don spoke with the South Carolina Radio Network in August 2011.

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