Don Bracken

Don discusses the Civil War with Brad Davis on The TALK of Connecticut, April 1, 2011.

Don Bracken

Don Bracken is a businessman who is widely recognized as a marketing expert. He is an entrepreneur who has enjoyed several decades of success marketing a broad range of products and services ranging from telecommunications to synthetic fiber. He has written extensively as well on matters of business, economics and special education for major newspapers and trade magazines. A former retiree, Don Bracken has returned to the business world to pursue his career of gold founding the History Publishing Company, LLC, a firm dedicated to the publishing of books about “American history and events shaping the modern American culture.”

In his career of gold he has also written two books, Career of Gold, and for History Publishing Company, The Words of War under his given name Donagh Bracken.

By This Author

Book CoverHistoryscope Series
History comes alive in a fascinating graphic layout mapping the major Civil War battles.

Book CoverWords of War
Contrasts the newspaper reportage of The New York Times and The Charleston Mercury as they brought their views of the major Civil War battles to their reading public.

Book CoverCareer of Gold: Defeat Age Bias by Re-Careering for the Second Half of Your Life
Use the power of your knowledge and experience to have a successful and prosperous life after your first career.

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